Welcome to the Extracurricular Activities Website.

Here you will be able to get some information on extracurricular activities and the teachers in charge of the activities.

Art Club

If you like to draw, paint and design, then join the FCTS Art Club.

BMX Club

If you like to do tabletops, turndowns and 360 tricks, and you like to bike, skateboard, or rollorblade you should join the FCTS BMX club.

Business Professionals Of America

Are you interested in competing against other people from your state, or even people form other states? The join Business Professionals of America.


Do you like paying drums? And do you enjoy being in big events like parades? If So join the FCTS Drumline.

Drama Club

Do you like plays and acting? If so this is the club for you.

Fins, Feathers, and Fur Club

This club is perfect for you if you love to go hunting, fishing, and learning about how to properly use firearms.

Future Farmers Of America

Are you interested in agriculture? If so then join Future Farmers of America.

League of Legends Club

If you like playing League of Legends this is the club.

Outing Club

If you love being outdoors, going camping, and hiking then this is definitely the club for you.

Peer Mediation Club

Problem solving and practicing mediation skills are what you can do in this club.

Robotics Club

If you're interested in building and playing with robots this is the club for you.

Sexuality And Gender Acceptance

Are you an LGBTQ community member or a supporter? If so Join SAGA. LGBTQI stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning.

Skills USA

Do you want to compete against other people? If so then Skills USA might be the activity for you.


Interested in sports and you would like to be part of a team? You can join one of the many FCTS Sports teams.

Student Council

If you want to help make students voices heard in our school community, consider joining the Student Council. StuCo meets every other Tuesday in the Library.


Do you want to be able to make long lasting memories for you and other classmates? If so then join the yearbook.